Training & Courses

Every organization has skill gaps.

Every person wants the opportunity to learn new skills. Leaders, employees, and supervisors all need training to address areas where they haven’t yet built the knowledge and behaviours they need to perform their best.

We offer training in three main ways: 

1. Workshops that are customized for you and your company on the topic you seek.

2. One-day training courses that we provide to organizations on topics critical to their development and growth. We encourage you to think carefully about how they will help to accelerate the transformation and growth of your team within the organization.

3. Leadership Development Training or Business Management Training. This training is a series of 10 sessions that can be completed weekly or monthly.

Topics for Training Include:

Leadership Development and Management Skills | Communication Skills | Leadership Development for New and Emerging Leaders | Marketing | Personal Effectiveness Systemization | Human Resources | Customer/Client Experience | Financial Management | Succession Planning | Sales

Develop the Next Generation of Leaders and Executives for YOUR Company

At Thrive, we have built our leadership development and training programs to outfit each leader so they can proactively and confidently solve business problems.

A majority of today’s businesses promote from within to develop new managers, executives, and leaders, yet once promoted, they are often left on their own to manage and lead without the proper training.

At Thrive, we have built our Leadership Development & Training Program to guarantee your success.

Leaders must become life-long learners. We incorporate adult-oriented self-directed study with boardroom-style learning that incorporates real-life case studies and examples. This makes our Leadership Training and Development Program even more effective than with classroom learning alone.

Our philosophy is to outfit each leader so they can proactively and confidently solve business problems.

We train and engage each leader and emerging leaders in key areas of leadership, management, and business as well as best business practices, assessments, tools, training, and education in each area.

Training Areas

Strategic Planning
Financial Management
Human Resources
Customer Experience
Business Operations
Time and Decision Management
Gross Profit Maximization
Management Fundamentals
Personal Effectiveness, and

Skills Your Leaders Will Acquire During the Program

Emotional Intelligence
Proactivity & Time Management
Stronger Results
Problem Solving
Build and Lead Team Collaboration
Communication / Conflict Resolution
Performance Management & Coaching
Ability to Handle Ambiguity
and much more

Training can be in groups within the organization, or as individual one-to-one training.

Book a Business Discovery Session to find out which one of our training programs will work for you and your organization.